Lehigh University in Allentown, PA Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Lehigh Valley Aerial Photography This beautiful University in Allentown, Pennsylvania is nestled into the Lehigh Valley, offering a picturesque landscape for the private traditional campus. Surrounded by trees and located near the Allentown International Airport, the university presented several aerial photography challenges. While planning this difficult aerial photography shoot, I worked closely with staff at […]

Jaindl Turkey Farms Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for Jaindl Turkey Farms’ Real Estate & Farms   Jaindl Turkey Farms in Allentown, Pennsylvania provides premium turkeys across the United States, and most notably, sends their best turkey to the White House each year for the traditional pardoning. Additionally, Jaindl Turkey Farms began acquiring and developing commercial and industrial land in the […]

Gemma Power Systems Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Construction & Expansion Progress Aerial Photographs of Gemma Power Systems – … contracted by Gemma Power Systems to provide progressive construction and expansion aerial photographs for two of their Northeast Pennsylvania locations, Gemma Power Systems and I arranged a long-term 30-month contract to accurately capture the construction and expansion of their newest power plants located […]