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Capture a Sports Stadium with Aerial Photography

Sports Stadium Aerial PhotographyWhether you’re the owner of a professional sports team or you’re the principal in a school, capturing your home team’s sports stadium is important. The sports stadium is where the action happens, where records are broken and where dreams are realized for men and women of all ages.

Capture the beauty of your Northeastern Pennsylvania stadium with aerial photographs by NEPA Aerial Photography. Though many professional sports stadiums are built for one specific sport and often just one team, many school stadiums are multi-use. Our professional photographer at NEPA Aerial Photography provides stadium photographs for a variety of sports, including:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Track & Field

We provide aerial photographs of stadiums for private and public schools, government-owned stadiums and private institutions.

Aerial Photography for Professional & School Stadiums

Sports Stadium Aerial Photography in Northeast PennsylvaniaOur aerial photographs provide a wide variety of overhead photograph options to showcase every aspect of your sports stadium. We can photograph a sports stadium before, after or during an important sporting event. Other aerial photography options include:

  • The dramatic difference between an empty and full sports stadium
  • Nighttime aerial photographs capturing the lights on the field
  • Close photographs displaying a school’s crest

Upon completion of the aerial photo mission, our photographer will digitally enhance the images, making them “pop,” to reveal the true beauty of your sports stadium.

Contact NEPA Aerial Photography for Stadium Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs of any sports stadium reveal the architectural majesty and greatness. Our high-definition, high-resolution can draw more guests to your stadium. Many schools and professional sports owners frame our high-quality images for their office, while many schools display our photographs online and within their halls.

Contact our team in Northeastern Pennsylvania online or via telephone at 570-947-6417 to schedule aerial photographs of your sports stadium.

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