Lehigh University in Allentown, PA

Lehigh Valley Aerial Photography


This beautiful University in Allentown, Pennsylvania is nestled into the Lehigh Valley, offering a picturesque landscape for the private traditional campus. Surrounded by trees and located near the Allentown International Airport, the university presented several aerial photography challenges. While planning this difficult aerial photography shoot, I worked closely with staff at Lehigh University.

We then coordinated a time-frame with the Allentown International Airport to allow me to fly over Lehigh University during the perfect time of day. The timing presented some unique difficulties due to high flight volumes, but thankfully air traffic control was most helpful, allowing me to complete this aerial photography mission. The shoot itself presented some difficulties because Lehigh University is surrounded by trees. To meet this challenge, I flew low with varying oblique angles making several passes to get the perfect aerial photos of the university.

My aerial photographs have been featured in the Lehigh University yearbook, The Epitome. …and although it was a challenging project, the extra time involved in the planning provided for another seamless execution. 

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