Jaindl Turkey Farms Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for Jaindl Turkey Farms’ Real Estate & Farms

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Jaindl Turkey Farms in Allentown, Pennsylvania provides premium turkeys across the United States, and most notably, sends their best turkey to the White House each year for the traditional pardoning. Additionally, Jaindl Turkey Farms began acquiring and developing commercial and industrial land in the 1980’s to increase the expansion of their business. Since then, Jaindl Turkey Farms has acquired and developed countless properties for farms, industrial and commercial investors.

I was contacted by Jaindl Turkey Farms to discuss aerial photography for their commercial and industrial land development. During our initial conversation, we discussed 30 different locations across 4 different counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Using precise GPS coordinates, I was able to plan a flight path to all 30 locations in one day. My aerial photographs were planned to capture the sunlight at the perfect time to highlight the beauty of each property. As the pilot and the photographer, I was able to use varying oblique angles to perfectly capture each location from different perspectives.

It was a pleasure to work with Jaindl Turkey Farms and learn about their farming and real estate locations, and as they continue to grow, look forward to working with them again in the future.

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