FedEx Construction Progress

FedEx Allentown, PA

Allentown FedEx construction progress documented by NEPA Aerial Photography from Wilkes Barre.

FedEx Ground officials predicted an estimated $335 million terminal hub planned for Allentown in eastern Pennsylvania, would be the company’s largest such facility in the United States.

The facility has been built on 260 acres of land the Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority sold FedEx for nearly $9.9 million last year.

NEPA Aerial Photography made its first flight in July of 2016 and scheduled monthly flyover services to provide hi-resolution aerial photographs. It wasn’t long before our monthly flights became bi-weekly and eventually weekly. When it finally opens in 2018, the facility will process up to 75,000 packages an hour and employ about 600 people in its first three years of operation – we will have made approx. 90 dedicated flights to capture and document construction progress. In addition to the actual commercial building, we also provide surrounding Hwy intersections that are also currently under construction.

Stephanie Cohen, the company’s vice president of strategic planning, says the new Allentown facility and logistics hub will be the largest of 34 in the country.

NEPA Aerial Photography has been providing FedEx with aerial photography services for several years and very proud to have been selected for this project due to its scale and complexity.

Better Pictures – Better Video – Better Matters.

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