Aerial Photography At Its Best! I Am The Pilot And The Photographer.

Yes, I am the pilot and the photographer and as an FAA certified commercial pilot with 20 years of experience I’m the guy that other photographers have to call because–oh yeah–they dont know how to fly. What? And if they did, its highly unlikely that they possess a commercial pilot’s license. This is a legal requirement in the aerial photography arena and because of this, guess who pays for that pilot and aircraft? Aerial photography is a passion of mine and has been for many years. My clients always ask me why others charge so much and duh! That is why I decided to write this blog…I know blogs are a form of self expression and are suppose to follow essay guidelines bla bla bla… and I know they should have fancy text and pictures but this is my blog. As a professional photographer with the best equipment available… your special aerial project becomes my special project. That is why your pictures can be ready for viewing the very same day via an FTP link from BOX.COM. Your original digital files are transferred to a Flash Drive and shipped via USPS – 2 Day Priority. Did I say “your digital files” – yes, your digital files… period! Photographers like the copyright trump card. It’s basically their exclusive right to re-produce, copy print etc. Hogwash! When NEPA Aerial Photography takes pictures, you own the original files, it’s that simple. Of course we would like to provide enlargements but our clients are never under any obligation do order prints from us. Hi resolution picture-perfect images taken with the very latest equipment in a high wing airplane flown by yours truely–that’s me. I even shoot through an open window for a clear and un-obstructed view of your special landmark. And all of this with a guarantee that my clients will never be overcharged. If your photo location is within a 60 mile radius of the Scranton – Wilkes Barre area, please consider us for that special project.

All photo missions now originate from the  FACTORYVILLE AIRPORT right here in northeast PA.

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