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UPDATE: Jan/2017 – Approxamately 670,000 users have now registered with the FAA within the past year and although, limited to a special exemption granted on an individual case by case basis, can be used for all kinds of aerial operations.

We at NEPA Aerial Photography have been watching this new technology with great interest because aerial photography happens to be our business. Our continued success will depend on our ability to provide better pictures, faster service and in most cases, for less than typical drone services simply because we have the option to combine project locations. We typically fly 2-300 miles in a couple of hours and provide flyover/aerial photo services at multiple locations on a single flight – simply not possible from a drone pilot that has to drive to each location and set-up for each photoshoot. As an FAA certified commercial pilot and professional photographer, I am not restricted from flying into controlled airspace nor prohibited from flying above 400 feet. In fact, my clients dont have to worry about a drone operator losing control on that windy day causing personal harm and/or property damage; the internet is full of these mishaps and why most of my clients do not allow them on or near their property. In fact, some states have already begun restricting drones from sensitive sites i.e. nuclear plants, electric generating power sites, natural gas compressor stations etc. 

As this technology has continued to evolve it has become safer and more predictable allowing us to consider limited drone services to our clients. While we will continue to provide the very best in aerial photography at a safe distance in an aircraft while legally operating in Federal Airspace and communication with our air traffic control system, we will also begin to offer limited video/still photography in early 2017.

Please contact us with additional questions about aerial photography and the use of drones.