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 Scranton/Wilkes Barre Aerial Photography

*Aerial photography services provided year-round for residential homes, private estates, commercial property, real estate including land development, gas drilling, oil rigs, construction site progress and all kinds of difficult precision landmarks and special projects.

About NEPA Aerial Photography

*We Specialize in Before and After Photographs for Gas Drilling throughout northeast Pennsylvania.

*Hi-resolution digital imagery captured from numerous oblique angles, varying distance and angular perspective. Visit Our Online Gallery.

*High wing aircraft are used exclusively for photo missions and all pictures are taken through an open window for clear and unobstructed imagery.

*Available for viewing via an FTP link from BOX.COM. Original files saved to Flash Drive and shipped via USPS – 2 Day Priority the following day.

*On-board Global Positioning avionics (GPS) assures precision navigation directly to your location. In fact, most any US Postal address provides me with Latitude/Longitude coordinates for pinpoint accuracy of virtually any landmark.


Benefits of Aerial Photography:

Our aerial photographs are invaluable for showing off properties, and for getting the complete view of larger areas. Here are some of the ways aerial photography can help:

  • Track Construction Progress

Aerial photographs shot at regular intervals keep your clients better informed and more involved in the process. Laminated enlargements provide a durable visual reference for planning meetings with crews and sub-contractors. Also, images provided by an impartial third party offer dated evidence of work completed.

  • Market Your Property

Wide area aerial photographs make an extremely effective marketing tool for your property. They can clearly communicate property boundaries, the location of your site within the community and proximity to highways, airports, and rail lines.

  • Display Your Business

An aerial view is sometimes the only way to capture your entire building and property in a single photograph. Display your business with an aerial image on brochures and reports, on your websites and at trade shows. A matted and framed enlargement makes an impressive touch in the lobby.

  • Farms & Acreages

An aerial photograph of your property is a perfect way to show it off. Framed enlargements have been a favorite gift that passes on for generations. Looking back to see landscape changes over the years is always interesting.

  • Legal

Aerial photographs provide a clear visual reference for property disputes, accident scene analysis or environmental events.

  • Development Planning

Aerial photographs are a great reference tool for infrastructure planning, lot selection for prospective clients, and review with inspectors.

  • Special Events

Aerial photographs are a great way to commemorate outdoor special events, such as major sporting events, wedding receptions, fairs, marathons, and rallys.


Our Service Area:

Wilkes Barre Aerial Photography,
Scranton Aerial Photography,
Factoryville Aerial Photography,
Clarks Summit Aerial Photography,
Bradford County Aerial Photography,
Binghamton Aerial Photography,
Honesdale Aerial Photography,
Hazleton Aerial Photography,
Allentown Aerial Photography,
Nanticoke Aerial Photography,
and surrounding areas.

and remember, I am both pilot and photographer—better pictures, better video, faster service and a guaranteed all-inclusive price quote before each photo mission. “BETTER MATTERS”

NEPA Aerial Photography

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