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NEPA Aerial Photography is excited to announce the addition of
NEPA Drone Services for our valued clients.

Our drone services are perfect for Special Events such as Weddings, Car Dealerships, Real Estate and land Development, Schools, and Colleges, Universities, Construction Site Progress and Tracking, Special Landmarks, Christmas Gifts Etc.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic

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NEPA Aerial Photography has been providing digital photographic services from small aircraft since 1996. As an FAA-certified commercial pilot and professional aerial photographer, we provide invaluable construction site progress photos for clients such as Choate Construction, Arco Design Build, Mowery Construction, Big Box Erectors, Mericle Commercial Real Estate, Cushman & Wakefield, Claycorp Construction, Sordoni Construction, Scranton Chamber of Commerce and Whiting Turner just to name a few. Our business strategy is simple – provide better pictures, better video, and better service, because Better Matters.

NEPA Aerial Photography has continued to grow due to the high demand for hi-resolution aerial imagery along with the tremendous repeat business from the same clients, year after year. The majority of our work continues to include new Generating Power Plants, Gas Wells, and Compressor Stations right here in Northeast PA.  This type of service requires exclusive use of aircraft due to the high security of their property and the distance from one location to another. In fact, we routinely fly 2-300 miles in just a couple of hours to provide our flyover services to multiple locations; just not possible with a drone.

There are times we get requests to provide aerial views of private property, homes, large estates, farms, schools, factories, etc. If they don’t happen to be in the same vicinity as our regular projects we have to consider whether or not a dedicated flight in a full-size aircraft makes sense… and occasionally, that answer is a simple no. As an alternative, a drone would be quite cost-effective and naturally be the right choice. The operating cost of an aircraft makes perfect business sense when more than one aerial project can be scheduled during a single flight and for local aerial projects our new drone service will be the perfect solution.

With the technological advances in UAS’s (DRONES) along with their sophisticated onboard cameras, it’s finally possible to provide the same hi-res imagery in video and stills. We feel our new drone will be the perfect fit to enhance the unique services that we already provide. In addition, our clients will feel secure in knowing that the safety and reliability will remain in the hands of a professional pilot of 15000 flight hours. Our track record of retaining the same client year after year is proof that our overall quality of service has been second to none. With our new NEPA drone services, we are committed to providing you with that exact same level of service.

We have chosen the new DJI Mavic 3 Classic due to its safety record and its brand new 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera featuring with full 20 MB resolution. Registered with the FAA and insured for commercial use, this drone will also be capable of providing up to high-quality 5.1K video to the Real Estate Market, Outdoor Events, Special Landmarks, etc. difficult with the use of full-size aircraft. Our clients will continue to receive the same quality service and benefits that NEPA Aerial Photography has always provided. The only difference is the addition of drone video to our photo imagery services from aircraft. Our business model will continue to provide our clients with… Better Pictures and Better Video because at NEPA Aerial Photography – BETTER MATTERS.

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NEPA Drone Services

Commercial Real Estate Drone Services, Private Homes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Athletic Fields, Churches, Factories, Special Events, Difficult Landmarks, Commercial Construction Progress, Before, During and After

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