Our Aerial Photography Services

Aerial photography services provided year-round for residential homes, private estates, Weddings, commercial property, real estate including land development, gas drilling, oil rigs, construction site progress and all kinds of difficult precision landmarks and special projects. Our newest project from ENX2 Digital Marketing was a first for us – drone video –  a walk-thru of the beautiful property at the Beaumont Inn. Our video challenge was to fly our drone at eye-level along the sidewalk, thru the garden and past the outdoor patio before crossing the bridge  and ending with a brief indoor flight of the new Grande Pavillion used for their elegant weddings. We love challenges and are always willing to work with a new company to provide the very best photographs and video possible because we know… BETTER MATTERS.

Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Photography Services:

Aerial photography/video – 36mb high resolution stills from high wing aircraft and 20mb stills & 4K video from our new state of the art DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Conventional aircraft as well as drone services are available year-round for both private and commercial property. And now with 2 aircraft available, we can fly to more places and provide better service than anyone in the area.

Whether you are in need of a simple overhead  to show property boundaries, an oblique perspective of a private estate for a print-enlargement, or stunning 4K video of an important event, NEPA Aerial Photography will provide you with the very best in aerial photography. Our Gift Certificates are the perfect gift – available any time of the year.

Conventional aircraft are used to photograph high-security projects such as power plants and generating stations due to the liability and security restrictions imposed by state and federal regulations. We have been trusted for over 20 years – 90 % of our clients continue to request our services year after year. One of our more recent projects is the 3 year Lackawanna Energy Center in Jessup, PA – Invenergy’s newest electric-generating plant. We provide them with their monthly construction progress photographs and can be seen in our exclusive photo gallery.

Our new state-of-the-art drone was added to our services in 2017 – the Phantom 4 Pro is capable of stunning 4K video in addition to 20mb photographs. And although we use aircraft for most aerial projects, our new drone service is ideal for those local projects that may be difficult or cost prohibitive from an aircraft.

In addition to serving the the gas industry by providing their on-going construction progress of oil & gas rigs, power stations, generating plants etc., we also provide high resolution imagery of commercial buildings, real estate and land development. For example, a birds-eye view of surrounding roads, hwys, buildings etc., can be invaluable in the commercial real estate market and our aerial services provide just this perspective.

A Word About The Pilot – Our pilot is also the photographer – a certified FAA commercial pilot with over 15000 hours of flight time – rest assured, your project is in good hands. And when it comes to peace of mind, all of our aerial photography services are fully insured with respect to property damage and/or liability… just one more reason to trust us with your special project.

Better Pictures – Better Video – Better Matters


 About NEPA Aerial Photography

*We Specialize in regularly scheduled on-going construction progress – Photographs and/or video services are provided year-round for the Gas Industry throughout northeast Pennsylvania including our newest project, Invenergy’s Lackawanna Energy Center inJessup, PA

*Hi-resolution digital imagery captured from numerous oblique angles, varying distance and angular perspective. Visit Our Online Gallery.

*High wing conventional aircraft are used exclusively for those sensitive photo missions due to the restrictions imposed by the FAA. Our pictures are always taken through an open window for clear, unobstructed imagery. Drone services are also available for local projects requiring video. Our new state-of-the-art Phantom 4 Pro is capable of providing 20mb photographs and stunning 4K video with the all new 1 inch Sony sensor.

*Available for viewing via an FTP link from BOX.COM. Original files saved to Flash Drive and shipped via USPS – 2 Day Priority the following day.

*On-board Global Positioning avionics (GPS) assures precision navigation directly to your location. In fact, most any US Postal address provides me with Latitude/Longitude coordinates for pinpoint accuracy of virtually any landmark.

A few areas in which we regularly operate:

Wilkes Barre Aerial Photography,
Scranton Aerial Photography,
Factoryville Aerial Photography,
Clarks Summit Aerial Photography,
Bradford County Aerial Photography.,
Binghamton Aerial Photography,
Honesdale Aerial Photography,
Hazleton Aerial Photography,
Allentown Aerial Photography,
Nanticoke Aerial Photography,
Williamsport Aerial Photography.,

and remember, I am both pilot and photographer—better pictures, better video, faster service and a guaranteed all-inclusive price quote before each photo mission. “BETTER MATTERS”

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