Steamtown, PA Progressive Construction Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography During Construction of Steamtown Museum

Scranton/Wilkes Barre Aerial PhotographyLate in 2012, I was contacted by the Steamtown Museum to provide construction site progress aerial photographs of the exterior repair and rubber roof replacement. I was excited to be part of a National Historic Site like Steamtown, which has deep roots throughout New England and American history.

The project began in October 2012 before the repairs started, and I was contracted to take monthly aerial photos of the construction progress. I photographed the Steamtown Museum during the late afternoon each month to get the proper lighting for my high-definition aerial photographs. I photographed the steam yard and locomotives on display, showing how all of the engines come into the rail yard and where they change in the round house.

My aerial photographs of the renovations at the Steamtown Museum in Scranton, PA have helped to preserve this National Historic Site. It was truly thrilling to watch the repairs come together for Steamtown, and the construction was exciting to view through my aerial photographs.

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