Lackawanna County Courthouse Aerial Photographs – NEPA Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographs of the Historic Lackawanna County Courthouse

Scranton Court House Downtown Scranton, PA is an historic town filled with old architecture. It is also a personal town, where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. I was contracted to provide aerial photographs of the Lackawanna County Courthouse and surrounding areas, which is located in the county seat of Scranton, PA.

My photographs capture the magnificent architecture of the Lackawanna County Courthouse, revealing the majesty of this building as it rests at the center of the town square. The stone masonry is stunning and the work of a highly-skilled craftsman, which can be seen from the aerial photographs. Though the very tip of the five-story clock tower is missing in my photograph, I took several other photographs from varying angles to include it.

The pointed turret-style towers in the corners truly date the architectural style of the Lackawanna County Courthouse. This aerial photography mission was a delight, and I was more than happy to provide the courthouse with incredible images for the interior and for their website. I look forward to working with the Lackawanna County administration in the future.

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