Gemma Power Systems Aerial Photography – NEPA Aerial Photography

Construction & Expansion Progress Aerial Photographs of Gemma Power Systems –

Gemma-Liberty-Project-Towanda,-NY-SMALL-WATERMARK… contracted by Gemma Power Systems to provide progressive construction and expansion aerial photographs for two of their Northeast Pennsylvania locations, Gemma Power Systems and I arranged a long-term 30-month contract to accurately capture the construction and expansion of their newest power plants located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and Towanda, New York.

Gemma-Liberty-Project-Towanda,-NY-small-watermarkedThis long-term contract allows me to provide them with the necessary construction progress for locations. To truly capture the progress in my aerial photographs, I capture images at varying oblique angles allowing Gemma Power Systems to view the progress of the construction and feature the growth on their website. It’s definitely a rewarding experience to capture aerial photographs each month and have the opportunity to see this progress from the air. It’s been my pleasure to work with Gemma Power Systems and looking forward to our long-term contract and future projects.

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