Car Dealerships

Wyoming Valley Motors – Plains PA

Car dealerships are increasingly becoming more and more aware of the importance to show-off their inventory from an aerial perspective using drone video. Wyoming Valley Motors have recently opened a brand new dealership right here in Plains, PA – their 2nd location in the area. They opened their first dealership in Larksville, PA many years ago and are excited to provide the same great service with KIA, BMW & PORCHE automobiles. Our drone video clearly demonstrates the unique bird’s-eye perspective and provides an ideal way to show-off the inventory of the fine cars available. NEPA Aerial Photography has been providing car dealerships with the highest quality aerial imagery for over 20 years. The new Gibbons Ford in Dunmore, PA had us provide them with seasonal hi-resolution photographs of their new dealership –  Our Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter aerial photographs are proudly displayed in their new showroom.

Video is a relatively new way to advertise car dealerships mainly due to the availability of drones with new hi-resolution cameras. Our new drone can provide 20mb photograph stills and/or stunning 4K video for a fraction of the cost as compared to similer services provided by aircraft or helicopter.

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