Aerial Photographs of Scranton Preparatory School – NEPA Aerial Photography

View the Field at Scranton Preparatory School with Aerial Photographs

Scranton Preparatory School Athletic FieldI partnered with Scranton Preparatory School in downtown Scranton, PA to provide aerial photographs of their new football/soccer/lacrosse field. The new field, designed and built by Deluxe Athletics in Marietta, GA, provides a widely-used athletic field surrounded by a running track for cross-country and track & field events. The new field is part of the rejuvenation of the school, and it aids in furthering the competition of the school’s sporting teams.

For the new field at Scranton Preparatory School, I chose to photograph in the late afternoon on June 9, 2014. The late afternoon sunshine provide the perfect natural lighting for aerial photographs, and truly brings out the beautiful green grass of the new football/soccer/lacrosse field, as well as its surrounding running track. I photographed various angles of Scranton Preparatory School’s new field to provide depth and definition, and am very pleased with how the photographs turned out. Working with the staff at Scranton Preparatory was truly a delight, and I look forward to continued projects as the school continues to grow and expand.

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