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Drone Operation

Mavic 3 Classic

The FAA means business when it comes to drone operators violating airspace regulations. This unfortunate lesson comes at the hefty cost of $200,000 for one Chicago-based company and there are many, many more examples. As a commercial pilot flying conventional aircraft…

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Woodloch Resort

Woodloch Resort 06-2018

Woodloch Resort is celebrating 60 years and remains a 1st class vacation spot in the Pocono Mountains. NEPA Aerial Photography provided the Woodloch Resort with winter aerial photographs a few years ago from their aircraft – you can read the…

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FedEx Construction Progress

Allentown FedEx construction progress documented by NEPA Aerial Photography from Wilkes Barre. FedEx Ground officials predicted an estimated $335 million terminal hub planned for Allentown in eastern Pennsylvania, would be the company’s largest such facility in the United States. The…

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Luzerne County Courthouse

The Luzerne County Courthouse – a very special video project requested by friends of the Rosenn family. Wilkes Barre’s most visible and recognizable landmark – the 109 year-old  Luzerne County Courthouse on River Street was designed by architect Frederick John Osterling…

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Berwick School District

The Berwick School District has completed construction on their brand new school – West Berwick Elementary. The $23 million school replaces Orange Street Elementary, which was built in 1932 and 14th Street Elementary, which was built in 1924. The old buildings were…

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