Randy Palmer

Randy Palmer

Scranton Athletic Fields

Scranton Athletic Fields, completed by Deluxe Athletics, Marietta, GA – Scranton Preparatory School, located in downtown Scranton, PA Scranton Prep first opened its doors in the year of 1944. Since that September day, the school has had a rather unique history.…


Steamtown Museum – Scranton, PA One of the many construction site projects requiring monthly progress photos, NEPA Aerial Photography began Oct. 2012 and the project was completed Nov. 2013 This photo was taken while under construction – June 2013 Steamtown…


                      West Berwick Elementary School Construction finally completed… photograph courtesy NEPA Aerial Photography

The Benefits of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographs make an Impact! Our aerial photographs are invaluable for showing off properties, and for getting the complete view of larger areas. Here are some of the ways our aerial photography swervices can help: Track Construction Progress Aerial photographs…