Aerial Photography: The Perfect Gift

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“The Perfect Gift”                                     

Who wouldn’t want a breath-taking aerial view of their home, private estate, property etc.? From hi-resolution photographs to stunning 4K video, it’s the perfect gift for family, friends and business associates alike. Whether you’re buying for an Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Christmas or some other special event, make no mistake, the purchase of an NEPA Aerial Photography gift certificate just might be the most unique and exciting gift one could receive? Our gift certificates are perfect year-round gifts too because we are a year-round business. Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall – we can schedule a unique time of year to capture that very special bird’s eye view – and from virtually anywhere in northeast Pensylvannia and surrounding areas. Whether by aircraft or with our new drone, we have the experience to provide that special someone with the gift of aerial photography.

Palmerton, PA Fall Foliage 2018

How many gifts promptly find their place deep in a closet or wind-up in someone’s drawer?

This will never happen with an NEPA Aerial Photography gift certificate! Our professional aerial photography service is the gift that tells others you genuinely care about them and you will feel good in knowing it’s the gift that will continue to give for years to come. Just imagine that breath-taking view of someone’s property surrounded by northeast Pensylvannia’s Fall-foliage… imagine that photograph enlarged in brilliant print, framed and displayed prominently in their home for everyone to enjoy for years. Our hi-resolution digital images make that possible for everyone – all year long.

Why give a gift certificate from NEPA Aerial Photography?

Because we are unlike most other aerial photographers – unique in the fact that our pilot is an FAA certified commercial pilot and a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience – unique in the fact that our clients have been with us year after year; they have learned to trust our consistent quality service and reliability. Take a moment to visit our client testimonials and you’ll see what we mean… real reviews from real clients. Trustworthy, professional and reliable high quality digital imagery makes NEPA Aerial Photography your best choice for aerial photographic services in the area.

Still Have Questions? Here’s How To Contact Us… 

Use our easy contact form or give us a call – provide us with the location you have in mind (home address, property location etc.) – and we will provide you with an all-inclusive total cost for aerial services. Once we have all of the details necessary and you have asked us to proceed, we will prepare an official Gift Certificate with the names of the sender and receiver – printed on extra thick photo-stock – 5 x 7 in size. (An enlarged sample of our new 2018 Xmas gift certificate can be seen on our photo gallery) NEPA Aerial Photography uses GPS coordinates from Google Earth to locate specific photo targets and will always confirm that location as well as any other special requirements with the recipient of our gift certificate. Something as simple as the best time of day for example, can make all the difference when it comes to aerial photography. These so-called small details are important to us and just as important to a new client – that is why our clients have come to trust us with their special projects year after year. Additional questions – feel free to contact us about our unique gift certificates or any of our aerial photographic services. (Note: NEPA Aerial Photography provides professional digital imagery files only and is not a graphics printer, although; we can assist our clients with their printing needs in the way of enlargements, framing etc.) We recommend PP&S right here in Wilkes Barre for our clients requiring that assistance. They have been providing high quality print-enlargements for professional photographers for over 40 years.

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