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Capture Special Events with Aerial Photography

David Canfield Special Events Aerial PhotographySpecial events are just that: special. It’s important to capture every moment of your special occasion with beautiful photographs so that you can always revisit the emotions, excitement and memories created on your special day.

While many people hire traditional photographers for their special event, aerial photographers can capture so much more. At NEPA Aerial Photography in Northeastern Pennsylvania, we offer special events aerial photography to capture the entire event rather than traditional ground photos which can’t capture the magnificence and beauty of the whole scene at your special event.

Commemorate Special Moments with Aerial Photographs

Aerial photography is a great way to commemorate a variety of special events. Special events that NEPA Aerial Photography provides our services to include:

  • Sporting events
  • County and state fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Farm growth
  • Marathon tracks
  • Weddings

Special Event Aerial PhotographyAerial photographs of fundraisers and outdoor fairs are an excellent way to show the entire landscape. Many of our clients who choose aerial photographs to demonstrate the growth of a family farm pass down the framed images through the generations.

Our aerial photographs are perfect for that special outdoor event, especially your wedding day! We capture your big day in a big way, and provide high-resolution, high-definition photos to preserve the memories of this special occasion. After the photo mission, we go through the images and provide digital enhancements to ensure each memory is perfectly highlighted and preserved.

Schedule NEPA Aerial Photography for Special Events

Capturing your special event with photographs ensures that you’ll never forget your special occasion. At NEPA Aerial Photography, our pilot is our photographer, allowing us to offer an all-inclusive quote and faster service.

Schedule an aerial photography mission for your next outdoor special event to capture unique, special moments. Contact NEPA Aerial Photography online or via telephone at 570-947-6417 to experience the difference of aerial photography at your special events.

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