Aerial Photography for Real Estate Land Development – NEPA Aerial Photography

Plan & Capture the Progress of Real Estate Land Development

North East Pennsylvania Land Survey PhotosReal estate land development is an important part of any business, and capturing the progress of any land development project ensures client satisfaction. NEPA Aerial Photography provides aerial photographs of real estate land development projects in Northeastern Pennsylvania, including the counties of Luzerne, Wyoming and Columbia.

Our highly-certified photographers provide high-definition, top-quality photographs tracking the construction progress of real estate land development projects. We understand the importance of tracking any construction progress to ensure your clients’ satisfaction with their land investment, and our photographs are available online within the same day.

Aerial Photography of Industrial Real Estate Development

As our economy turns more and more inward, more clients are using real estate for industrial purposes. Our aerial photographs help investors locate property boundaries for a specific piece of land as well as plan future construction and development. Using our aerial photographs, contractors and engineers are able to more accurately lay out infrastructure plans, solidifying any future building plans.

North East Pennsylvania Real Estate PhotosOur photographers take aerial images for a variety of industrial real estate land development projects, including:

  • Oil rigs
  • Gas drilling
  • Factories and mills
  • Retail storefronts
  • Outlet malls
  • Commercial warehouses

Our pilot and photographer uses high wing aircrafts, equipped with precise GPS units, and photographs through open windows to ensure clear, unobstructed aerial photographs. During our photo missions, we capture images from various angles and perspectives to offer depth and variation for your land development project.

Plan an Aerial Photography Session for Real Estate Land Development

If you or your clients are beginning a real estate land development plan in Northeastern Pennsylvania, contact NEPA Aerial Photography for aerial photography. We photograph the beginning, construction, and after stages of land development projects to beautifully capture the progress of your business or residence. We specialize in providing top-quality aerial photographs.

Contact our professional aerial photographers at NEPA Aerial Photography online or via telephone at 570-947-6417.

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