Aerial Photography for Property Disputes – NEPA Aerial Photography

Survey Property with Aerial Photography

Land Survey Aerial PhotographyPurchasing or receiving any property is exciting because of the possibilities. However, it’s important to have an accurate survey of your property to ensure that you know where your property’s boundaries are. A visual reference of your property can help you decide where to place certain buildings and plan development.

At NEPA Aerial Photography, our professional photographer is also our pilot, who is highly-certified in a variety of aircrafts, and provides high-definition, high-resolution images for clients surveying their property and learning where the borders are. Our images are often used for clients attempting to settle any property border disputes because our high-resolution images allow attorneys to digitally zoom to questionable areas.

Use Aerial Photography for Legal Property Issues

Photographs and surveys are the typical means for settling any property issues, such as border disputes. NEPA Aerial Photography provides aerial property photographs from various heights and angles to ensure that we completely capture the entire property. We provide laminate prints after digitally enhancing our high-definition images, allowing our clients to use these during any courtroom proceeding.

Land Survey Aerial Photography ScrantonAt NEPA Aerial Photography, we also offer aerial photography to survey other property issues, including:

  • Accident scenes with and without traffic
  • Flood damage and the distance from the water source
  • Fire damage including the origin and the spread of the fire

Our photographer provides aerial images for these types of catastrophe to ensure the safety and lawfulness. We enhance our images digitally, and provide them to our clients encased in laminate to protect the images during any court procedures.

Settle Property Disputes with Aerial Photographs

Property disputes and catastrophes are often devastating and frustrating. Aerial photographs can help you solve your property disputes and catastrophe insurance claims quicker than survey crews. Contact our professional photographer at NEPA Aerial Photography online or via telephone at 570-947-6417 to schedule our crew to photograph your property.

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