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As a retired commercial pilot and full-time professional aerial photographer, I’m usually crazy busy but rest assured, I’ll always respond to your inquiry within an hour or two. Photo missions are scheduled on nice weather days – always important when it comes to providing the very best aerial photography possible. And while I can fly in most weather, the best images are captured on bright, sun-filled skies with clear visibility.  NEPA Aerial Photography provides crisp, tack sharp digital aerial imagery from both aircraft and our new state-of-the-art drone. We use only the highest quality cameras and lenses for the best photos and video but most important of all, we want you, our valued client, to have the very best in aerial photography services available.

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We continually strive to provide our clients with the highest quality services having the greatest value. Along with our Aerial Photography by aircraft we have added Drone Services to our client offerings. Our NEPA Drone Services allow us to offer solutions for those smaller jobs that may not require a traditional aircraft. Please visit our Benefits of Aerial Photography page to see how NEPA Aerial Photography can help your business marketing look amazing and yes, we even do Wedding Ceremony video. See it here: VIDEO

See our gallery for the most recent aerials including our new GIFT CERTIFICATES, just in time for Christmas. Hi-resolution digital imagery captured from numerous oblique angles, varying distances, and angular perspectives from our aircraft and now stunning 4K videocan be provided with our new state-of-the-art Mavic 3 Classic. NEPA Aerial Photography is fully insured and registered with the FAA.

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In addition to drone services, we fly conventional high-wing aircraft and pictures are always taken through the open window of the aircraft for clear and unobstructed imagery. All of our photography services, including video, are provided by a certified FAA commercial pilot – flying professionally since 1996 with more than 15000 hours of flight experience. We are fully licensed, registered, and insured to provide you with the very best in safe, reliable aerial photography.

Same-day viewing via FTP link from Box.com or original high-resolution files can be saved to a Flash Drive and shipped via USPS 2-Day Ground Priority.

4K resolution is available for video and provided from VIMEO through a convenient and private share link.

On-board Global Positioning avionics (GPS) assures precision navigation directly to any location. In fact, a simple US Postal address usually provides me with Latitude/Longitude coordinates for pinpoint accuracy of virtually any landmark.


Wilkes Barre / Scranton, PA – Aerial Photography / Videography at its best.

Our hi-resolution aerial photographs and video are invaluable for showing off properties, and for getting the complete view of larger areas. We also photograph before and after images of construction projects, drilling sites, etc. Monthly construction progress is our specialty. Just ask any of our many clients from Mericle Commercial Real Estate to the Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

We specialize in Construction Site Progress Aerial Photography. We have more experience in this type of service than anyone else, period! Don’t just take our word for it, view our Testimonials Page to read real reviews from real clients. It’s clear how they feel about our services.

* My camera of choice is the Full Frame Nikon 48MB D-850. Our new state-of-the-art DRONE is the “Mavic 3 Classic” with a brand new 4/3 sensor combined with a Hassselblad camera and can provide 4K video and 20 MB photographs with stunning detail.

* Image files and video are available for viewing the very same day from either an FTP link from BOX.COM or Vimeo. We can also transfer your files to a high-quality Sandisk flash drive and send them by the USPS – 2 Day Ground Priority – for a small additional charge.

* On-board Global Positioning avionics (GPS) assures precision navigation directly to your location. In fact, any US Postal address provides me with Latitude/Longitude coordinates for pinpoint accuracy of virtually any landmark.

* Questions about prints? PP&S right here in Wilkes Barre has been providing impeccable service for over 30 years. Phone (570) 824-1600

NEPA Aerial Photography

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